Astek at a glance

Founded in 1988, Astek is an independent French group which has become a major player in the IT services industry. With its 2,500 employees, Astek has a turnover of €185 million. The group’s technical and operational expertise covers all engineering fields and is organised into four main activities:

- Consulting

- Information systems

- Scientific and technical engineering

- Facilities management

Located as close as possible to its clients, the group is present in 11 countries and has several offshore delivery centers.

Heavily focused on technological innovation, Astek has gained its clients' confidence by successfully integrating their business plans and technologies in the long-term.

Strongly attached to common values, the men and women working for Astek support our clients’ development strategies by providing them with results carefully tailored to their requirements.

Key data:

- 2,500 employees

- A turnover of €185 million

- Geographical proximity: more than 20 sites in France and 11 internationally

- Flexible support (from consultancy to the inshore services centre)

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